TravelerComm full version and Travel Guides – new prices

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Lower price for TravelerComm app. Now only 1,28€ (1.67$). Travel guides are much cheaper if you buy TravelerComm.

  • Travel guide of Paris (France) costs only 1.78€ (2.33$).
  • Travel guide of Vienna (Austria) costs only 1.52€ (1.99$).
  • Travel guide of Florence (Italy) costs only 1.22€ (1.59$). ….

Official TravelerComm Page:

TravelerComm Android App(payable version) is a good sharing solution

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TravelerComm is a good sharing solution when you’re on holidays, party, concert, a business trip or visiting someone.

Good review results for TravelerComm (payable version) by ANDROIDHEADLINES reviewers:

Another review is by ASKYOURANDROID

Both reviewers gave TravelerComm Android App good review ratings.

What others say about TravelerComm Android App

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Here is a video app review. The review was made with previous version of TravelerComm Free App. The difference between TravelerComm and TravelerComm Free is in Travel Notes. Travel Notes in TravelerComm (full version) offers note sharing, geolocating the note and note (photos,text,location)  backup.

Here is also one opinion about previous version of TravelerComm (payable version):


Note sharing with three useful buttons:

  • Share: Share your note by Gmail, Email, Twitter(Android App), Facebook (Android App), bluetooth, Skype or any other default programs.
  • FB Share: Share your note with classic Facebook. You don’t need to install Facebook Android App.
  • Twitter Share: Share your note with classic Twitter. You don’t need to install Twitter Android App.

Shared note-see an example:

You can view shared note on link:

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You can purchase the app on Google Play:

Procedure from Creating a note to Sharing it to the public!

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First step:

Open TravelerComm payable Android application.

Second step:

Create New Travel Note (upper right button):

Third step:

Write title: The Church (for an example)

Fourth step:

Set Date and Time

Fifth step:

Write text..(The Church is beautiful….)

Sixth step:

Get Geo Position (location of the note):

Seventh step:

Add photos: From photo gallery or create a photo:

Eighth step:

Save the note and synchronize it with our servers.

Ninth step:

Open this note one more time and press Share button.

Tenth step:

Choose one of the share options from the list.

Other share options:

Facebook (android app), Twitter (android app) – download them from Google Play. When you use FB Share button or Twitter Share you don’t need Android Apps for Twitter and Facebook.

Eleventh step:

Friends will receive your mail. When they press blue link they will see the result below:

Twelfth step:

Friends can view the location of the note on the map.


View shared note (an example) on the link:

Follow us on Twitter (@TravelerComm):

TravelerComm official page:

Contact us:

Share your notes with all your friends

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TravelerComm payable version has a new Share button in Travel Notes (Full Version). This button gives you a possibility of sharing your notes with photos, text, location and real or adjustable date to your friends by email link.

Travel Notes Full Version with useful Share button

New Share button in Travel Notes Full Version (payable ver. of  TravelerComm) enables sharing notes to anyone who has internet access and email.

  • Share options in Travel Notes sub-app are: Gmail, Email, Google +, Facebook (mobile), Twitter (mobile), Bluetooth, Skype

  • Benefit from new Share options: Share your notes with photos, location, text and real or adjustable date to your friends by email link.

You can buy this app on Google Play(Android market):

You can visit our official website:

You can follow us on Twitter:

Link to shared note (see this example):

Vienna in September

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Vienna is the capital of Austria. It’s a beautiful city. There are many tourists in September, October, November, spring months and in summer.  Many people visit Christmas fair.  The most known is in front of the Schoenbrunn Palace.

From Friday till Monday, maybe Tuesday it is probably going to be sunny. It’s a nice time to visit historical Vienna.  When you visit Vienna you must see St. Carl’s  Church. We made a short advertising film in front of the Church.

Listen about our useful travel  guides and admire beautiful St. Carl’s Church.

We selected 16 top attractions in Vienna and described them in our guide. The content is divided into seven chapters: Description,  Accessibility, Time Required,  Prices, Opening Hours, Direction, Parking. There are many beautiful photos. By Schonbrunn Palace attraction you can admire 52 beautiful photos. The travel guide also has Show on map function. You can read or listen the content. The price for our Vienna travel guide is only 2,74€. You can buy it only if you have android mobile phone. This travel guide is easy to use and very helpful tool when you visit such a big city.

You can purchase travel guide Vienna in TravelerComm Free or TravelerComm(payable) android app. Link to Google Play:

Official page of TravelerComm:

Paris in September


September is the best month to visit Paris.

Paris is a charming city in September. After summer months, prices in Paris drop down. September is usually warm and not rainy month.  It’s a nice time to travel to Paris. But you remember you will still wait under Eiffel Tower. This is one of the famous attraction in The World. The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris. Did you know that? We made audio and textual guide of Paris.  We describe 19 famous attractions and show them on a map. Offline map is the most appropriate. Why? Your mobile cost will be lower.

We offer an useful Android Travel Guide of Paris? Only 3,30€ per Paris travel guide.

You can buy this Paris travel guide in TravelerComm Free or TravelerComm Android App.

Official page of Android App TravelerComm:

Google Play link to download TravelerComm app: